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MatchIfUp or MatchIfRev

Searching for an item in a column from bottom to top. Will search for item in ...

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Returns the full string starting from open tag of container where LocationIndex ...

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Between2int and Between2intinc

Checks if number between two numbers, with or without considering those numbers. ...

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Build a string from a certain column in html table (using < table, < tr, and < ...

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CopyFiles Excel-Macro

Simple macro to make sure we have a copy of all files in a folder found in ...

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OneDrive Reset

Reset OneDrive because I am a heavy OneDrive user. Most recent instructions, ...

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Just learnt that now

Looks like we cannot have filename (having no extension) and folder in same ...

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Triangular coded msg in file

Decodes message from file based on number in each line of text. Attached ...

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Finds the URL (href tag value) for an anchor inside a table row (tr element) ...

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Finds three dates after each other in one paragraph. Needed to locate numbers ...

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Finds 3 numbers in a string by ignoring characters between them. ' example ...

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Checks if LocIndex is found between open and close of HTMLTag or between close ...