WinRegistry 9 WIndows hacks, with or without using Registry (RegEdit)

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Register OCX in 64 and 32 bit

Copy and register ocx using cmd (DOS batch) in Windows 32bit and 64bit.

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Shortcut website

Create a shortcut to website to open using Internet Explorer in 'InPrivate' ...

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Magick SVGs to GIFs

Convert SVG files into GIF preserving the transparency, in bulk ' Used to ...


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Windows Clock

Restore Windows 10 clock to Windows 7 Analog clocks

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Excel 2010 hyperlink issue fix

An issue I started to see when clicking on a hyperlink in Excel 2010, while I ...

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Control the Panel

A set of commands (or shortcuts) allowing users to access Control panel items ...

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Send To folder

Where can I find the SendTo folder? I always wanted to modify that list and ...

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Windows God Mode

Control panel shortcuts part 1

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Win10 User Folders

I hate it when Microsoft takes back some controls it already gave to users, one ...

Remove All User Folders From This PC